17 February 2010


Chatting with Robert Ingham over the weekend has prompted me to dip further into his book 'Cutting Edge Cabinetmaking'. Although much of it, particularly the esoteric 'Projects' section is so complex, (this little tome ought to be mandatory reading) a large part contains more mundane and practical woodworking ideas that even a numpty like me can comprehend!

One such notion is Robert's very nifty little dovetail transference jig, simply made from some extruded aluminium. I've never had too much difficulty in transferring the tails to the pinboard, but which ever way you slice it, it's bloody awkward as you need to check that everythings's hunky-doodly after having first set up using the side a plane, then juggling with a square and at the same time making sure that it's all in line. Then you need to apply lot of pressure with the left hand whilst transferring the tails with a knife in the right.

More often that not, the vice isn't quite tight enough and the whole issue slips...been there? If you're wincing and grinding your teeth at the moment, you know exactly what I'm blathering on about.

I'm hoping this little jig will make the whole tricky process much easier and more importantly...accurate. I've already asked a pal if he can 'source' some ali (and I'll make a jig for him at the same time) so all I need to sort out now is a keyhole cutter from Axminster for the slot.

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The Village Carpenter said...

Ah! Thanks for the reminder. I bought his book about 3 months ago and got sidetracked. I need to unbury it from the pile of work on my desk and get to reading. I remember flipping through the pages when it first arrived and thinking that his jigs looked very well engineered.