28 January 2010


I'm now convinced that trying to design something that looks even half-respectable has caused me more angst over the last few weeks than anything else. You see, the problem that's perplexing me at the moment is this media unit that I'm going to make later on.

The basic design (based on one of Alan Peter's chunky tables) is sound and one which I like very much in that the rounded forms of the main carcase construction, to me anyway, look good. As I keep on looking at the drawings and model though, the internal construction with square edges (even if they were to be smoothed over) seems to jar with the overall 'rounded' concept.

In fact last night, I was attempting to make a scale 1:5 isometric colour washed drawing of the unit and the more I looked at it, the more grouchy I was becoming with the design...it just didn't seen to 'gel', but it's good to be 'grouchy' and indulge in the odd 'senior moment' from time to time.

I guess the next thing to do is get out the sketch pad again and see what it would look like with the internal shelves rounded over. One thing I do want to develop is the idea of the lower shelf (the one stretching the full width) meeting the vertical ends with a scribed and mitred joint to match the construction on the top.

I'll crack it one day...just don't hold your breath!

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Mitchell said...

Just watch out for that, "too much of a good thing", thing.