24 January 2010

'Blokebox' and the Eagle's Nest

These pics show the first prototype 'dropbox' for extracting from the circular saw. It's made mainly from all sorts of gash sheet material cluttering up the 'shop and is appallingly put together...by far the worst thing I've ever made (If you have a really close look you ought to be able to see nails...EEEK!! coming through the sides)

However, for this application, the construction is appropriate, so once I've got some 63mm hose sorted out, I just need to hook it up to the tablesaw vac and see what happens.

The Handtool event at Rycotewood that I've been organizing for UKWorkshop members is also fast approaching. We're sharing a workshop with Tom L-N, Ian Styles from Axminster and David Charlesworth...elevated company indeed! Let's hope the UKWorkshop crew remember to doff caps and knuckle forheads in a timely manner...

...and finally, thoughts have been turning to our travels this year. We've already got an Easter sorted out with a short camping trip to the WWI battlefields at Ypres and then onto Brugges for a couple of days, finally ending up in Amsterdam.

What I'm really looking forward to is that yesterday SWIMBO, foolishly perhaps, asked me where I would like to go in September. It took me all of five seconds to let her know that I wanted to see the Eagles Nest in Bavaria and then drive back along the German Alpine Road into Switzerland, which is by far and away the best country we've ever seen...but I don't intend walking half way up this as I've done it twice already!

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