22 January 2010

The best laid plans...

I originally intended to finish the model of this latest project a couple of days ago, but a small item like my birthday interfered so it had to be put on the back burner.
It's made in pine, dowelled together, and painted in the closest colour I could find to oak, which just so happens to be an exact match for the paint on our bedroom wall...curious co-incidence you might say!

The construction will be in bandsawn English Oak over an mdf/ply core, with ebony (or similar) end caps and drawer handles (yet to be finalised) The main jointing is intended to be scribed and mitred with everything else being biscuited together.
It's had a reasonable reception on UKWorkshop but I must admit that it's quite difficult to visualise the final thing as the colour is nowhere near that of English Oak. If any Blog readers would like to comment, please do, as changes are easy to make at this stage.

Next step is to start to make some detail scale drawings and then one on my whiteboard which will be full size.


Tom said...

Looks far too small... ;)

Happy birthday mate.

Mitchell said...

I like it. Nice stuff. The contrast with the ebony really sets it off.

The real stuff or India Ink?

Happy birthday!

Woodbloke said...

Mitchell - I'm glad you like it...I followed your excellent advice and went for a quarter scale model.
Not even Indian ink I'm afeard...permanent black marker pen!

Many thanks to all for the birthday wishes...much appreciated - Rob