31 January 2010

Golden Section

After my abject failure the other evening to make a decent colour washed sketch, I went back to the pad and did a quick line drawing of the media unit with the internal carcass members rounded over. The application of a little colour by means of my daughter's old secondary school crayons soon showed that all my concerns about the square edged members were well founded...I think the softer look as shown in the drawing is just about right.

I've also done away with the shelves, as they're not really needed, but I'll incorporate some adjustable fittings...just in case. I've also made each of the big spaces either side of the drawer unit slightly wider (450mm) and made the whole unit a little higher. Interestingly the drawer unit (now four drawers instead of three) conforms to the Golden Section, more by accident than design. It's always good to have this sort of element in a design anyway, but sometimes difficult to achieve. I've now also made a 1:5 detail drawing so all that I have to do now is to make a big 1:1 working rod on one of my whiteboards.

There's only one eensy weensy little problem...it's -4deg C in the 'shop at the moment, so that's a bit of a no brainer!


Olly Parry-Jones said...

Hi Rob,

It's a little unclear in your sketch (sorry) but I was wondering what you're planning to do with the shelf edges...

Are you going for a small radius, just to knock the sharp edges off? Or will it be a half-round/bullnose, like the top?

Look forward to seeing those veneers cut. I'm also keen to see how or if you clean up the sawn faces! :)


Industrial Fasteners said...

hi rob

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