09 June 2008

Starvation Diet

What a fabulous weekend, weather wise! I had intended to spend most of it in the 'shop but SWIMBO had other plans so I only managed Sunday instead. I used the day to carry on the repairs to the outside and can cheerfully say that the end is in sight as I've reached the last corner and have only got the fourth side to do so it's a case of down the home straight to the starting point. We had some torrential rain a few days ago which was a good test...suffice to say that it did leak in a couple of places but now it's dried out I put on a further application of silicone on the dodgy areas which ought to do the job. Fingers crossed.
We've arranged a bit of a Bash at the end of this month on the 28th. Paul has got some new toys from America which we're all going to have a look at and play with as well, Chisel is coming over from Basingstoke so it promises to be a really good day and probably the best part is that Pam and Pete Newton are providing lunch...starvation diet is in order then for a few days prior! The plan for the day is still in the early stages but Paul is coming to my place very early first of all to see how I do dovetails and then we're off to Pete's about 11.40. Ought to be a really good day.

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