24 June 2008

Slight hitch

A lot has been done to the cabinet stand in the last few days, so much so in fact that it's gone together in the dry state absolutely 'spot on' which is quite good. When the cabinet was put on top the whole thing looked about right...a bit harsh and linear at this stage I have to say but there's going to be a lot of shaping and general softening of contours to be done yet so the whole thing will look quite refined when finished. The only slight problem is that the through mortises on the legs are very tight (at least a couple of them are). Pete has said that Titebond III is the stuff to use as it's very runny and will actually lubricate the joint as it goes in before setting, so that's something to think about. I'm very reluctant to skim any more off the faces as just the merest smidgen too much and the thing becomes loose rather than fitting snugly.
The only very slight problem, just the tiniest suspicion of a hitch is that when SWIMBO saw in the 'shop at the weekend...she didn't like it.
I intend to complete the piece anyway and write the article for F&C... then I guess the cabinet will have to be sold, but I'm not quite sure how to go about that. Taking a fairly jaundiced view it makes me wonder whether it's worth making anything else for the house, or maybe just continue to make the stuff I like to do and then sell it on? Have to wait and see what happens.

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