27 June 2008

Delicious Anticipation

Paul's coming down to my place early tomorrow and we're going to have a bit of a session on making dovetails and the particular way that I do them, so it promises to be quite a good morning. I prepared some beech last night so that we've got plenty of material to make sawdust with and I'll also need to have a sharpening session on the LN chisels tonight as well. The other thing I'll do is to assemble the Elm Cabinet II for Paul to have a good look at, will be useful to get some feedback when he can eyeball it close to...
At about 1210 we've got to pack up the 'shop and head over to Pete's for yet another scrumptious lunch. If it's any thing to go by, the one we had last year is what culinary dreams are made off, absolutely fabulous. Philly and Chisel will also be there so it ought to be a very good day...fantastic food and lots of sawdusty talk.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it, Rob:)

And in anticipation of Pam's lunch I've been fasting for two weeks:)


Paul Chapman