19 June 2008

Progress and Decisions?

Good progress being made with the chairs from next door. I asked about the age and apparently they're about 70 years old so have seen some wear and tear. I can't get over just how appallingly they've been put together though, held mostly with bloody great nails! They're taking roughly a couple of nights to do each one...wack it all apart and re glue on the first night, put it all back together on the second. I'm going to charge them £30 to do all four chairs which I think is reasonable but they've got a refectory style dining room table to match the chairs which is also in a bit of a bad way as the top needs to be completely sorted. They may want it done...have to wait and see.
When that's all done it'll be back to the Elm Cabinet II as SWIMBO is anxious to see a bit more progress on it. It seems to be coming along quite well now after all the set backs of the back panel, I think overall when it's finished it'll be quite pleasant.
There's going to be an article plane making coming out in the Aug issue of F&C and I'm tempted to get hold of the LN No9 for the shooting board...or should I get some BS chisels, or one of those rather dainty Veritas ploughs? On the other hand I want at some point to get hold of a bigger bandsaw. Decisions, decisions...

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