28 March 2008


After a harrowing few days I've finally got the computer back from the menders who did a pretty up front job. I took it in several times and the techies had a look at it each time free and gratis but in the end they couldn't fix it so it was booked in for a proper inspection. In the end Windows had to be reinstalled and the guys also set up the printer and external hard drive. I had some extra RAM installed while it was at the shop so when it was lit up this morning the difference in the speed was amazing. Internet access is now through MS Internet Express rather than AOL which suits me as well.
I've made some progress on the back panel of the Elm Cabinet II as well. Things haven't gone quite according to plan, so some minor adjustments have had to be made, but hopefully all will go well when it's finally done. I realised the other day that I was trying to be too much of a smart arse in it's making and should have made it in a completely different way. Never mind, you lives and you learns.
SWIMBO's return is about three weeks away now and things have moved on with the decoration of the lounge. The first coat of paint has gone up onto the walls and all the nasty, dusty, throat clogging work of hacking out brickwork for sockets (surface mounted previously) and plastering has been done so the end is in sight. Tomorrow should see the next coat of paint on the walls and after that it's rubbing down the white work and a lick of gloss.

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