05 March 2008

Bookmatched....maybe not!

Having a few hours spare on a Sunday afternoon is usually good, if you want to have a snooze by the fire after a good lunch and a few vinos. However in the case of 'yours truly' I decided to spend it in the workshop which was not the best idea I've ever come up with. I thought that I might make a start on the door frame for the Elm Cabinet II so merrily proceeded to mark out the mortice's on the stiles and then cut some impeccable mortice's with a 6mm router bit and finish off the same with the LN chisels (just to square the ends)
Measure at least a dozen times and cut once is a well known woodworking slogan and unfortunately one that I didn't stick to, so having cut all the mortice's I then proceeded to offer up the stiles to the carcase only to find that I had cut a set of mortises on one stile on the wrong side!
By the most remarkable of good fortune, I've got a respectable lump of elm (mainly for the back panel) saved for me at Andover so I'm going over with Pete tomorrow to pick it up... with a bit of luck and a following wind I should be able to get out a couple of new stiles for the front door frame as well as enough material for the back panel.

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