20 March 2008

A Month To Go

This time next month, the 20th April to be exact about these things, SWIMBO is going to turn up on the doorstep 'fresh' and I say that advisedly, off the aircraft from the Falkland Islands, but she will have had a three day stop over at Ascension Island on the Equator which will have cost next to nothing (the main one being a hire vehicle to get around in) in addition to a small amount of readies for 'beer and skittles'...
Which leaves me exactly one month to get the decorating done and dusted!
I'm still in the prep stage at the moment as I've just finished the first bit of plastering. The electrical sockets have been sunk into the bricks (instead of surface boxes) and a couple of spurs run off. The fireplace has been ripped out, bricked up and is ready for plastering. I've spent a couple of days removing umpteen layers of wallpaper dating back to at least the 1950's, judging by some of the truly ghastly patterns that emerged so now I'm down to decent plaster and it's just a question now of making good before the paint can go on.
The next few weeks (in between shifts) will see me painting like mad, after which it's a new laminate floor, then skirting boards go back and finally finishing off with some decent curtain poles and drapes.
SWIMBO has decreed from afar that a new telly would be 'just the thing' to go into the newly decorated lounge (it's going to go where the old fireplace was). I've done a lot of research and I reckon that the Panasonic TV's will take a bit of beating, so I'm going to opt for one of those (wall mount it, to take up less space) and a HDD DVD recorder to complete the set up.

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