23 March 2008

'Puters...who'd have 'em?

I got up bright and early yesterday, fired up the computer to check on emails and decided to reply to one by including a scanned copy of an old pic from college. Trouble is the scanner didn't work and to cut a long and very sad story sideways, I managed to do all sorts of stupid things to the machine, all of which were of my own making. The result was that I had to take it down to the menders who fixed it...sort of. It's still not quite right so it's going back again this morning and if they can't fix it on the spot (which they may well be able to do) then I'll have to book it it in for them to have a look at later in the week. The upside is that while I had it in the shop yesterday I took the opportunity to increase the RAM from 512Mb to 1.5Gb so that when I started up yesterday it was much quicker.
I'm off on Wednesday with Paul Chapman to see Dom Valente at his 'shop in Hertford so that should be a very interesting day out. I'll be taking the Elm Chest and Teak Casket for him to have a look at...quite looking forward to it and the bonus is that it gets me away from the decorating for a day.

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