18 March 2013


This latest piece is coming together reasonably well.  There have been on or two minor 'niggles' but nothing that couldn't be sorted out quite quickly.

The pic shows the doors shot into the cabinet opening with some slivers of 0.6mm veneer to act as a spacer and create a 'shadow gap' all round.

All good stuff and pretty common practise.

The doors look quite good as well...sort of a 'double square' effect, which though not intentional, was governed by the size of the panels I had available.

But if you're really observant, and look very carefully you'll note that there isn't a big, sticky piece of paper on each door saying, in letters writ large...OUTSIDE, LHS and OUTSIDE, RHS.

Which is why, gentle peruser, in a spasm of inconceivable 'sang froid' I managed to fit them inside out and back to front.  By a fortunate chance of extreme good fortune (and the good luck fairies were definitely perched both shoulders) I noticed half-way through that something didn't look quite right as the doors are almost, but not quite identical, inside and out.

It wasn't too late to save them, but as a man on a horse said in 1815 after a particularly epoch changing event..."it has been a damned nice thing - the nearest run thing you ever saw in your whole life"

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