09 March 2013



One of those detestable bloody adjectives that seem to have crept into the English Language and used to describe almost anything that another adjective won't adequately describe.

"...had an awesome curry last night" or "Mind Boggling Aliens from the Planet Zoog on PS Nintnedo is a really awesome computer game"

You get the drift...people with this sort of mastery of the spoken word really do need to get out more and smell the coffee!

To put it into context, there are few things in this life that are truly 'awesome'.  Standing on top of the Hoover Dam and looking down is one.  Standing at the bottom of the Great Pyramid of Giza and looking up is another.  Standing on the Great Wall of China and looking to the left and right is a third.

In the rarefied and 'niche' world of contemporary modern furniture, the Queens Jubilee Cabinet, commissioned in 1977 is one of those very few pieces that can accurately be described as 'awesome'.

This fall-front ladies writing cabinet was designed by Edward Barnsley at the request of The Lord Reilly and is on loan the the Trust.  It's currently displayed in the Workshop Cottage, where I had the privilege to see it at the recent Open Day at the Barnsley Workshop.

It's made from specially selected English Walnut that had been drying since just after the end of WWII and incorporates solid, 'feather' grained panels...

...ebony and holly inlay and a tooled leather writing surface.  The interior compartments are made of English Oak with Cedar of Lebanon lined drawers and it was made by George Taylor, Oscar Dawson and Mark Nicholas.

It took a total of 900 hours to make.

Look, click on the images and be suitably 'awed'...

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