29 March 2013

Cunning Construction?

Sometimes I can look for ages to try and find a bit of inspiration for a project.

At other times, something pops up straight away...such as the Japanese lamp on page 82 in the first edition Alan Peter's must have book, 'Cabinet Making, the Professional Approach'.

We need another lamp in the lounge and SWIMBO was rather taken with the photo in the book, but at the top of the frame on each corner is a construction that looks like my pic, where the rails have been extended by 40mm or so.

This was a practice piece, but if you can work out how it was made, you can have a week's  membership, free and gratis, to this Blog...now there's an offer you won't receive every day!

Don't have nightmares!...


Larry Jackson said...

Both the center post and the "spokes" are square, and are equal in thickness. The center post has four opposing cubic mortises (one on each corner), with each dimension of the mortise being 1/3 the width of the post, leaving an infill centered on each face, and equal in volume to the two adjacent mortices on that face. Each "spoke" has a cubic un-shouldered (lapped) tenon on its edge that is equal to the dimensions of the mortise with which it will mate.

Woodbloke said...

Good effort Larry, but wrong. You can though, have free readership for the Easter break! Tricky to mark out and cut, bearing in mind that each piece is only 22mm square.