07 October 2012

The Mask Cabinet

It's taken a lot of making, but it's finally finished.

What's made it particularly awkward is that most or all of the surfaces aren't flush...they overlap by 3mm  which added a bit of visual interest, but at the same time has made it about three times more bloody difficult to make that it needed to be.

In addition, these corner stiles set at 45deg meant that there were also a total of sixteen internal mitres...

...that had to be shot in with a shoulder plane and then to top it all off, the chamfers on the ends had to be very carefully cut with a chisel.  If your'e wondering, the white thing on the back panel is a 'sticky' hook to hold one of the masks.

The cabinet has been located onto the wall with a pair of sheet steel hanging brackets cunningly set underneath the rear corner stile, so when it's up on the wall, nothing will be seen.

With the door open, you can see both the 'sticky' hooks and the Krenovian door catch.

The final shot shows the cabinet 'in situ' on the wall, with the little handle...

...turned in African Blackwood.  The masks were a very surprise Christmas present from No1 son who bought them in Venice at Tragicomica last September and by an absolute miracle managed to get them back to the UK in his back-pack without mangling them, so 10/10 to Gareth! 

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Anonymous said...

hope you like them, nice work on the cabinet.