31 October 2012

The Good Stuff...

Normally, I wouldn't make to much fuss about sandpaper.  After all, it's just sandpaper and I don't really give it much thought...pick a few bits out the rack, wrap it round a cork block and away I go.  For years, I've been using a paper that I 'acquired' from an employer when I managed to secrete a few sheets into my bag before I was ignominiously shown the door...that employer, by the way, has gone bust!

However, it's only when I tried something else did I realise that my original sandpaper was the best thing since bread was first sliced...it cuts cleanly, very rapidly, doesn't clog and lasts forever.  In fact, I've never come across anything quite so good and I've tried loads of different sorts.

My meagre stocks though, were getting perilously low, so when I went to Pete Sefton's bash in July of this year, I took a few sheets along to my good pal Matt Platt, who along with the elves, runs Workshop Heaven.  I asked Matt to evaluate the sandpaper in the quiet of his own 'shop and he was so impressed, it's now stocked.

So what is this wondrous stuff?..it's this!

Buy some, use it.

Be impressed.

1 comment:

Berin Nelson said...

Its brilliant stuff, I have sworn by it too for years, got a 50m roll in the workshop! Great to know Workshop Heaven are now selling it, great post!