19 October 2012


Many moons ago, in a different life when I used to work briefly as a cabinet-maker, I worked for an outfit that used a very, very nice little bit of kit for veneering...the AirPress, so I was determined that when I eventually set up my own 'shop, which happened few years later, this item was going to be on my 'must buy' list.

And so it turned out.

The AirPress itself is an excellent piece of kit and the vacuum pump has provided ten years of faultless service...which is more than can be said for the plastic bags.  In themselves, they're robust and pretty thick, but the big fault is that they're seam welded along the edges, which is totally and utterly bloody useless!

Over the years, I've forgotten how many times I've had to 'repair' the seam where it's split...in fact it's almost impossible to fix it permanently as the nature of the plastic means that it's slightly greasy, so any adhesive tape (even insulating tape, which is meant to go round PVC cable) simply won't stick and after a while degenerates into a sticky, slimy 'goo' that needs to be removed with white spirit.

I repaired it yesterday as I had a little bit of veneering to do, so no doubt it'll have to be done yet again in a couple of months time.

No peace for the wicked...onwards and upwards.

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