12 January 2011

Rebates and shiny tools...

Some progress has been made on the picture frames I've been making...nothing of pants wetting excitement really, except that after much deliberation I've finally realised how to make the rebates acurate and dead square on the router table. Doing each piece in turn is fraught with difficulty as the section of the timber is so small with the result that I've never found the rebate completely square. However, make a groove down the middle of a wider piece of wood and then splitting it down the centre on the bandsaw will then produce two pieces of the frame each with a dead accurate rebate...how simple is that? A little bit of planing with the LA jack on the sawn surface the frame sections are done.

The cost of this little job though, has just about paid for a rather tasty Quangsheng rebating block plane from Workshop Heaven which I'm expecting in the post today...and who doesn't like parcels with shiny tools inside!

The other event of interest is that the ed at F&C gave me a ring t'other day and has asked me to produce a series of three page technical articles for the magazine (jigs, fixtures and fittings, techniques etc) over the course of the next few months. The exact content has yet to be decided...looks interesting though.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, Rob, but I think I just bought one of these planes through jimbodetools.com. He tells me they are made by a company in Australia and sold throughout the world under different names. Woodcraft holds the exclusive for them in North America.

The reason I'm not sure if they are the same or not is because I haven't seen mine yet. I had Jim send it off for engraving before shipping it to me.

From what I have been told about them, they are a very hefty, cool little plane.