21 January 2011

The Bloke is NOT for turning...

The latest edition of F&C dropped onto the mat yesterday and within it's hallowed pages was a five page article on the Media Unit that I submitted to the editor back in August, the payment for which (when it gets here) ought to provide for a fairly major purchase of something for the 'shop.

But what, exactly?

Some time ago, being whiter than the driven snow, I decided that I wouldn't spend any more on tools (after all, how many planes do you need?) but the little QS rebating block is so nice and I really, really do actually need it... the plan was to purcahase more timber, but the racks are fairly full now although little bit more elm from Yandles in the Spring wouldn't come amiss.

Like the Iron Lady of ill repute, I'm going to do a 'U' turn. I've decided this year to start to buy some of the larger items of equipment that I'd earmarked when I retire, so the first thing that's going to get ordered from Axminster is a decent Jet pillar drill, which ought to be here sometime in February.

On a different though connected note, I'm off to see Michael Huntley tomorrow to talk all things to do with Japan and Japanese tools...ought to be an interesting afternoon.

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The Village Carpenter said...

Ultimately, we always find another tool we "need." I tried to swear off buying more tools, too, and failed miserably.

I'm happy to say. :D