19 January 2011

Katana and chopsticks...

Regular perusers hereabouts will have no doubt noticed a gradual and moderately increasing interest in woodworking techinques and tools connected with t'Orient, in particular, Japan. I have to inform the assembled multitude that the 'Bloke' has really excelled himself now as we've booked an extended holiday to Japan in May 2012 to co-incide with my official retirement a year hence.

What's really exciting (apart from all the other stuff in the trip) is that I'll have an opportunity to meet one of the last remaining professional swordsmiths still working in Japan...and even more so, I should be able to take part in the forging process for a full sized, head-lopping Samurai katana, an experience that ought to be truly memorable.

Now then...hands up at the back if you know how to use chopsticks!

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