29 May 2010

Transference, part deux...

You may recollect (if you've been paying attention at the back) that it was my intention to make a Robert Ingham transference jig, to ease marking out the pin board from the tails when cutting dovetails.

I had a drive down to Ringwood Precision Engineers on Friday and got hold of a lump of 50x50x6mm ali angle, which cost the princely sum of a fiver. As it was a wet Bank Holiday Saturday (now there's a strange occurrence) I decided to knock one up.

In the original, RI used mdf for the wood part, but as I didn't have anything quite to esoteric, I used an oddment of maple instead. The aluminium was chopped into 50mm pieces and then the ends were made dead square...easier than I thought using files initially and then w/d papers stuck to some 10mm float glass.

The 'T' slot was cut with a 6mm cutter to begin with and then opened out with a suitable keyhole cutter from Axminster. The sliding 'T' bolts were just made from a bit of old gash 6mm studding and a bit of 10mm stuff.

In use, it works surprisingly well and makes what used to be a rather awkward job much easier...

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