12 May 2010


The hard work has started and the pic shows current progress on the Media Unit. What you can see are the two ends (one piece ply and t'other mdf...well, gota use whats available!) where each piece has been lipped with some 12mm oak which will eventually be on the floor.

What I'm doing here, having planed a face side and edge is to attempt to make each piece exactly 450x400mm and absolutely dead square in all directions.

You'll note of course, that since I sold on the Kity 419, this mind numbingly, wearisome task has to be done the hard way, with hand planes that need very frequent honing owing to the abrasive nature of the material.

Good news is these are the short bits, the bad is that I've got to do the same thing on the top and bottom that are about three times as big.

Whilst I was slogging on with the planing this evening, I thought about the Great Bard who penned the immortal words...

"A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"

Right now, I'd gladly give my kingdom for an Altendorf....

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