20 April 2010

Ice cold suds...

I'm know a month astray, but April was warm enough for me to get cracking on the roof on the 'shop. The spell of recent fine weather, after the appalling Easter was just too good an opportunity to miss, so early on Saturday morning I was up on top ripping off the old felt.
I was a little dismayed to see the damage to the chipboard that the leaks over the winter had caused, but with a little bit of careful positioning of the felt rolls I was able to avoid all the damp bits.

I also decided to seal the overlaps with some black bituminous adhesive...now that has to be just about the messiest, gooiest stuff that I've ever encountered and seemed to get everywhere except where it was supposed to go.

Having rolled and nailed down the felt, I then opted for the 'belt and braces' approach by sealing up the edges and clout nail heads with some silicone sealant.
The 'proof of the pudding' so it's said, is in the eating, so I used the hose to squirt up a few gallons of water onto the roof and then waited for a while to see if any came through...so far, so good.

I don't know May, but April is also a damn fine month to work outdoors...shame I didn't have an ice cold beer though.

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