28 April 2010

Fix or Fudge?

The stool top went on the other night...sort of.

I'd prepared a fairly complex arrangement of cramping blocks so that no less than ten sash cramps could pull up the curved seat squarely onto the top of each leg, which they did successfully.

As an oversight, what I hadn't considered is that due to the curvature of the top there was around 10 -15mm of tenon poking through which is far too much to accurately locate the wedges as they're tapped in. I'd had another one of those numpty moments (they happen fairly frequently) and just plain forgot to saw off most of that excess to make the job easier.

The result can be seen in the pic. More by good luck than judgement, the wedges on the right went in 'spot on' but the four on the left were skewed...click on the pic to see it in all it's gory detail!

The way I've got round this little 'hic-up' is to use a tiny 1mm chisel to hoick out the offending bit and insert a wedged shape section of the relevant timber...the first one in oak is shown ringed. When it's cleaned up it hardly shows, but of course I know it's there....

So dear reader, I leave it to your judgement...........fix or fudge?

If it's a 'fudge' I think teddies may have to be retrieved.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about it, Rob. When it's all finished, I doubt that anyone will notice a detail like that. And if they do, they'll probably think that's how it's supposed to be.......

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Ross Henton said...

It's handwork. It's supposed to be imperfect. That's why it costs five times as much!



John said...

Nice save! I had some dovetails that needed a little gap repair like this. You can't even tell there was a problem now.