26 September 2009

Unbridled passion...

There are some things that irritate a little but have to be tolerated (such as car drivers with mobile 'fones stuck to their heads) and others that irritate a lot that you just have to do something about. As I get increasingly more senile (some might say that it's happened already) I find smaller things that I might have tolerated a few years ago now irritate me beyond belief.

One such thing is exposed and trailing cables...I hate them with an unbridled passion!

This has prompted the next project in the 'shop which I intend to start after I've finished the 'Blokeblade Special' (the handle of which was finished today...and it is rather tasty)
I won't have exposed or trailing cables either in the 'shop ('Elf & Safety rearing it's ugly head) as all my kit is permanently bolted down, so nothing on ghastly trollys with trip-upable cables trailing behind...even the tablesaur situated in the middle of the 'shop has the power cable running underneath the floor.

So the question remains...why oh why did I have to have bloody things trailing from the TV? If I'd had sufficient foresight when I decorated the lounge a while back to hide them somehow, I wouldn't now have to build this next project...a low unit to stand the TV on and store all the associated gubbins that goes with it, including the HDD player. Currently, all the cables are bunched up in an unruly mess behind the bookcase, but my cunning plan is to neatly coil them behind this new unit so that with a little bit of luck, nothing will be seen.

Much to my satisfaction though, there's a silver lining to this job as I intend to make this unit the full width of the red bricked up chimney breast so that the space either side of the TV will accommodate a small pair of good quality bookshelf HiFi speakers (which is the next project after this one) As well as the HDD player I'll need to build in sufficient room for the CD player and my old amplifier, though when I finish work in a couple of years I'd love to replace it with one of these bad boys but whether that'll ever happen remains to be seen...

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The Village Carpenter said...

"Irritation is the Mother of Invention"

...or something like that. ; )