01 September 2009

Parcel of Lumpyness

The table was finally completed last night, so herewith a couple of pics. It's not the most impressive thing I've ever done but it keeps SWIMBO happy and that's the most important thing.
The more I look at the top though, the more I come to dislike it...it's a lumpy, mis-shapen thing that's been crudely churned out in some flea bitten, rat infested ally in the back streets of Tripoli (or somewhere similar) I found out last night that it's not even level, the thing is in 'wind' and it's also not a constant thickness all the way across...some bits of it are 2mm thinner than others. The only way that it can be secured to the top is by a copious application of Blu-tack which can then be squashed down by the offending 'sticky up' bits, so that it at least appears to be flat...ish.
However, it's all done and dusted now, so I'll be able to move onto the next project after I return from my wanderings in Cyprus, which I have to say, I'm rather looking forward to...

1 comment:

The Village Carpenter said...

Superb craftsmanship on your part, nonetheless!