04 September 2009

Incinerated nasturtiums

Having finished off the Teak table the other day, I'm at a bit of a loose end at the moment in the 'shop. I don't really want to start another major project 'till after I come back from my hols, but I did manage to earn a few quid by doing another water colour drawing (this time on dowel joints) for Michael that'll go into the mag in due course.

I also made myself an up-market bench hook, as the old one was getting a bit chewed up. This one though, was made with a replaceable slidy bit underneath the saw teeth, so that it can be made as 'good as new' when it gets munched away, simply by slotting in another length of timber.

Anyone who's been in this sort of situation will know how it is...one half of the 'grey matter' is starting to anticipate going away, whilst the other bit is casting an appraising look over the 'shop, with nothing really in mind, but trying to find something to do.

So there I am, scuffling through the shavings, hands in pockets, with an occasional 'oooing' or 'aarring' and much sucking of teeth, feeling a bit like Compo really... not finding anything useful to do, but hoping that with enough prodding and poking in odd corners, something will turn up.

Then I spotted something...something crucial.

Now I'm not incinerating anything, far be it from it from me to cast nasturtiums, but... my plane cleaning brush that was given to me by a pal is no longer residing it the Trekky pot on my bench...it's gorn, disappeared, shuffled and I've spent the last few days as Compo trying to find it!

I'm bereft of my brush, so if anyone knows where it is, answers on a postcard please.

There's usually always a silver lining though. SWIMBO's just rung up to say that my new shoulder plane has just been delivered, so I've got a new toy to play with tonight!

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The Village Carpenter said...

I know exactly what you mean about wandering around the shop, not knowing which project to start or finish. That's one benefit I'm finding with learning to chip carve-- I can always decorate an existing shop box or tool holder if I have a few spare minutes.