26 May 2009


Never, ever, let it be said that I'm prone to the odd fit of pique, of going off half cocked or being a tad irrational so that the pill box is never out of reach...not I.
Oh, no not me...but there are exceptions to everyday and today was one of them 'cos I went on a bender! The pic says it all really 'cos it's what's left of the Cherry Table after I'd smashed it up on the 'shop floor and then passed all the bigger bits through the bandsaw.
"For God's sake...why?" I can already see you muttering, somewhat despairingly. The answer really is an accumulation of small incidents that gradually amounted to a complete and utter loss of enthusiasm for this project, not least of which was my total disenchantment with English Cherry, supposedly one of the cabinet woods...not in my 'shop it ain't! To be fair, it does plane beautifully, but that's about all. Take another piece from the same board and it works with the same sort of enthusiasm as the coarsest, roughest pine from one of the 'sheds, it's just a totally inconsistent material. Then of course, the bloody stuff snaps at the drop of a hat...pull a joint apart that's the teensiest bit too tight and the mortise will just disintigrate. In fact that's what happened this morning and was the sixth time that something had just broken...you can see from the pic that a couple of the rails were reinforced by lumps of strip steel, so this morning...I'd had enough. Finish. Kaput!!

On an entirly different note, the other day I was using my pot of Vaseline to lubricate the leather wheel on the Tormek...and now it's gone, vanished...no sign of it whatsoever anywhere in the 'shop.
By a truly remarkable coincidence though, just before this vanishing act, I'd mentioned the wonders of Vaseline to someone else. I have a theory, far fetched you might wonder, that my very 'umble pot of Vaseline has been transmogrified and is now residing in the US of A...Pennsylvania to be precise!


Klingspor said...

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The Village Carpenter said...

Unless you have video footage, fingerprints, or photo montage, I insist I did not take your vaseline. (It does work great, though...hee hee)

Sorry about your project. :o(