16 May 2009

Black bowler

I don't like commercial TV, 'specially all those adverts that come at the most annoying and possibly crucial part of a decent film (not that there are many on the telly now), the only possible saving grace is that the interval does allow you to get another beer from the fridge. Some may say though, that the adverts are entertaining in themselves and better than the programme... there's something to be said for that argument as well, particularly if you like meerkats. Readers in distant lands though, who are sad enough to follow this inane missive, will have no idea what I'm bleating about so the best thing to do is to have a little look here to see what I mean.
So what's this all about then?
Many years ago, there was a Homepride flour advert, with cute 'Mr Men' type cartoon characters in black bowler hats who sifted the flour...'graded grains make finer flour' was the theme so I'm reminded of what happened in the 'shop last night.
I happened to be changing a bandsaw blade (of which more later) and had to remove the fence on the saw, part of which contained a couple of special washers on the rail locking knobs. Now being fairly meticulous about these things, I got out the 'shop vac and started to hoover out the debris from inside the machine...and I sucked up one of those washers.
Buggeration!...'cos I hadn't emptied the vac for about three months and it was pretty chockablock full of sawdust and other assorted crap. There was nothing else for it but to empty the whole bloody thing out onto the floor and sift delicately through all the debris with my fingers, grading all the grains little by little as I went through it. I put on a mask of course, but it still didn't prevent me from getting coated from top to bottom in fine, floury sawdust...all that was missing was the black bowler hat!
Good news is though, that I found the washer...

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