16 March 2009

Sticks no more

The pics show that a bit of progress was made on the table this weekened, so it's turned from just a pile of sticks to something that now resembles a bit of furniture, or at least the beginings of a piece. They show the long mortises in the leg and wide side rail which will have a loose tenon made from 6mm birch ply, one shot shows the mitre being trimmed and the other is of the router table, with arrows showing the start and stop posititions. Also shown is one of the end frame assemblies with the centre section routed out to a depth of 2mm, this is going to have a peice of burr veneer (and Yandles is coming up in a couple of weeks...how convenient!) of some sort inlaid with an ebony line round the outside. The leg will also be slightly flaired top to bottom so that the panel and leg surface will eventually be flush and not raised as shown. The other pic shows one of a pair of frames with the wide end panels...there'll be another pair that will sit in the cross halving joints to make a sort of 'cross' shape and the marble fossilised top drops the recess. Although it can't be seen from the pic, the underside of the top rails has been grooved to receive a length of 12mm steel...just a bit of 'belt and braces' to reinforce the joints. You can also see from the pics that there's been quite a lot of drilling of holes which was the only thing that actually went slightly wrong this weekend, but nothing too drastic I hasten to add. The reason for that is that I've got some mdf on the pillar drill table that was slightly skewed, or tilted which meant that the holes weren't quite dead true...not too much of a worry as I'd deliberatly left a margin for error and eventual shaping. On one particular leg though, I didn't have enough packing under it as it was being drilled...don't you just love breakout!

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