13 March 2009

Cage and ferrets

I've had a couple of days of enforced inactivity in the 'shop, entirely of my own making really because I took part in a 'team building' walk on Wednesday along the Jurassic Way, from Lulworth Cove to Weymouth and back, via the 'Smugglers Inn' at Osmington Mills. I really enjoyed the exercise, but as I don't do enough of it, the legs are paying the price now! The good news is that I'm just about recovered and looking forward to a bit of practical activity in the 'shop at the weekend. When I do these sorts of events though, logic and common sense says that you need to keep the carcass well hydrated and even though I had a full water bottle, I didn't seem to want to have anything...I had plenty of food, but didn't drink any liquid. As luck would have it though, my particular section of the walk finished at the pub and having just walked fourteen miles up hill and down dale, I was ready for a pint or four. I'm propped up at the bar then, trying to decide which variety of Badger ale to down, the inside of my mouth feeling like the bottom of a bird cage...'Tanglefoot' or 'Fursty Ferret', which one... decisions, decisions? To tell the truth, I can't remember, I just pointed weakly at a pump, limply handed over my fiver and watched the frothy brew decant slowly into the glass. Now to be absolutely truthful and honest, I can't even tell you if the ale was wet...it went down so fast it didn't even touch the sides!
If you've ever seen that great black and white movie, 'Ice Cold in Alex' you'll know the feeling...

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