27 March 2009

In the frame

I spent another fairly productive evening yesterday in the 'shop and managed to get all the rough shaping done on the table, so now I've come to grinding halt and can't do much more until I get hold of some burr material for the infil next week at Yandles.
I started to rummage around in the timber storage area in the 'shop and found a bit of something suitable to make the frame saw with. This happened to be some of beech left over from the days of wooden sash cramp bars (now long since gone) and I reckon it'll prove ideal for the job. I haven't yet recieved my bits of bandaw blade from Dragon Saws but I'm looking forward to getting them over the weekend. I'm sorely tempted though, to get hold of a proper Jap universal blade as well from Dick tools in Germany...they don't seem to be readily available over here, though I think that Rutlands sell frame saws, so I think I'll have to do a bit more Googlistationing. The main thing I've got to do now is to scurf t'internet and find out sizes and dimensions, particularly the hole centre distance on the blade so that I can use one of the Jap blades if needed.
Ought to be an interesting project

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