14 November 2007

Making Progress

The big woodie has been started and so far it's coming along quite nicely. I've managed to re-saw the greenheart this morning, which wasn't quite such a trial as I thought it might be and then putting it thru' the PT wasn't too bad either, end result is that it's now glued in place so next job on the 'morrow is to bearing cut off the waste down the long sides. I used my new Veritas jointer to plane the underside of the gluing surface...fabulous plane. You can see from the pic that the slot has been machined for the adjustable mouth mechanism and the round hole immediately in front is for the locking bolt that drops down from the top. It's absolutely essential that it's kept dead flat so that the sole is then flat and needs the minimum amount of work later on. I did have some trouble with the size and shape of the tote but managed to sort it out after the third go, which I have to say was a bit of a pain. I based the shape and design for the tote on my Norris A1 as shown in this pic.
Had a bit of good news this morning...I'm going to receive a small payout from and old pension later on, so what with the Competition prize and the monies(s) from F&C publications I ought to be able to get the odd shiny trinket or two for the workshop...most of it tho' is going to have to go on paying the CCards, never mind, should be able to get rid of a fair wedge.

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