28 November 2007

Elm Cabinet MkII

Have completed the full size drawings this morning on the new cabinet, designed to hold some of SWIMBO's fossil collection. The whole thing should be quite good I hope, it'll sit on a stand about 700mm tall, cabinet with Golden Mean proportions, glass panelled door, glass shelves. Stand will be very slightly tapered, most of the joints will be thru' mortice and tenons with ebony wedges, exposed and rounded over same as the last one...bit more shaping on this one so may need to get hold of some rasps as well as a couple of 'shaves.

Here's a pic of a well known planemaker slicing up a bit of elm for the panels, which will be the first thing I need to get cracking on. All the elm needs to be shoved through the P/T now to come down to size...shouldn't take too long, and then it's on to the benchwork.

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Philly said...

Hey - that looks familiar! :)
Good luck with Elm MK II - I shall be keeping an eye out for it.
Best regards