10 November 2007

A Grand Day Out

I haven't done an entry for a while, so apologies...must try harder. A fair bit has happened since the last entry really. I had a great day out with Martin, Waka and Philly in Dorchester last Sunday. Martin's garage workshop needs to be seen to be believed....if you think Philly has got some tools you need to redefine the definition of 'collector'. Martin let me have a fabulous lump of greenheart for the bottom of my long woodie that I'm just about to start, works out at 70lbs/cu' which is about as hard as it comes, apart from Lignum. In return, I'm going to refurbish an unusual spokeshave that needs some metalwork done and new handles made...more later. Martin also let me have a rather tatty, non descript infill jack that he bought from a boot fair so that will be my next plane project...I'll do the work on it, then it'll go on the bay and we'll divi up the spoils. This should be quite and interesting one to do as I quite enjoy taking a tool from something that looks like you wouldn't give it any house room and bringing it back to a decent working condition.
F&C are going to publish the Teak Casket in the Christmas edition which will be good. I rang up CE-E the editor the other day and asked him if he wanted another article(s) on plane making, Woodbloke style. Affirmative. Not wishing to steal any of Philly's thunder as I make mine in a significantly different way so that should be good as well...OK then, back out to the 'shop to do a detailed drawing and then I 'spose I'd better get sawing out some timber.

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