10 November 2012

Furry 'Friends'...Ha!

The roller and gloss paint brush have been wielded yet again in the hallway, have been cleaned, dried and put away.  The ceramic tiles in the entrance have been laid, grouted and polished...and mighty smart they look too. The stairs are awaiting the imminent arrival of the new carpet and carpet fitter next week, so things are moving on apace.

However, over coffee this morning, SWIMBO declared that a 'consultation' was required (and being of moderately sound mind, a debatable issue I know) as to the placement of pictures various which is a fair enough point.

Having agreed where they should be hung, I scurried around to find some suitable masonry nails and my trusty DIY claw hammer, after which I merrily proceeded to hang the first few...no problem there.

I then realized that I was a nail short, so I again scurried out to the 'shop, found another one, came back into the bedroom and looked round for my hammer.

Except it was gorn...vanished!  Now being a fairly sanguine, level headed sort of bloke I don't usually believe in gremlins, but I'm convinced that there's a pack of the bloody things hanging off my right shoulder (and probably the left on as well) because no matter where I looked, the hammer had vanished...disappeared!

Was it in the room...did I put it down somewhere? Nope.

Did I take it out to the 'shop whilst I was looking for that last nail?..negative!

Had I left it by my DIY indoors tool box, or maybe put it back?..dry hole!

A bit despondently I went upstairs to the bedroom for a final look round...and there was my hammer, lying on the bed.  Now I know it wasn't there ten minutes ago, because I looked, so what happened?
Personally, I'm convinced that my 'furry friends'...

....had secreted it somewhere when I put it down and then whilst I was out in the 'shop they miraculously made it re-appear.

Now no doubt, you're sniggering to yourself (and I don't blame you...has the Bloke finally lost it?) but the odd thing is...

...this isn't the first time it's happened.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rob can you ask your furry friends where they have hidden by shammy leather, last seen about 12 weeks ago (I don't wash the cars often enough I know), hanging up to dry in the garage.
One thing is for certain, as soon as I buy a new one the old one will magically appear

cheers Andeep