19 November 2012

Ditherations...the Deux

Some say that I'm a procrastinating sort of bloke, which is ever so  slightly a little bit unfair. If I weren't such a delicate, caring sort of soul, that accusation could be mortally upsetting and liable to see me lying down in a dark room somewhere.

So I don't procrastinate...but I do dither, a little.  Are they the same thing?...perhaps only the Tooth Fairy has the answer to that one.

However, I digress, or dither...see?...told you!...and as can be seen from the accompanying pic, I've started a new cabinet today, this time one with double doors and an ash stand.  The carcase work is still in English Walnut with the two panels part of the same 1970's job that the back panel of the Mask Cabinet was made from and all parts of the door frames are book matched...or as near as damn it.

The particular ditheration on this occasion was this.

Do I make the doors first and then the cabinet, or the cabinet first and make the doors to fit?

To be fair, I've been pondering on this for weeks but this morning the penny finally, finally dropped (and yes, it's taken a long time).  It's the finite size of the existing panels that will ultimately determine the overall length and height of the finished cabinet.

Now that load is off my pea sized brain, I can get back to the job.

...until the next ditheration rears it's ugly head.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rob - doors or carcasses first? I have a big kitchen to do soon (Plain English - style, very trad). I am thinking carcasses first. I am also thinking a datum from an imaginary front top / meets face axis, all falls from that. Rooms are not (in all my experience) true.
So. is it carcasses first?