09 August 2012

Olympian Omnipresence...

The latest project is taking shape quite nicely in the 'shop.  Apart from the hideous goof with the 'double dutchmens' it's all gone reasonably well.  The top and bottom were fiendishly difficult to fit as there were eight corners that had to match at the intersections of the 45deg styles...

...not easy, in fact bloody difficult!  Some are indeed slightly 'out' but by the time the final sanding has been done, they should be 'fudged and smudged' to fit.

In the pics shown, you can also see the slot routed out for the Krenovian style door catch, which will be  made in some fairly dense Indian Ebony.

More to my utter surprise, it's gone together absolutely dead square, correct to the nearest .25mm, which in theory...only in theory mind, ought to make hanging the door a little easier.

But I hate and detest with an absolute passion, fitting brassware and hanging doors.  It is, without question, the most difficult part of any job!

The 45deg corner styles mean that conventional brass butts weren't going to work...I needed some offset knife hinges from Classic Hand Tools at around £30 or so.

And then the 'fone rang.  It was the editor, Derek Jones at F&C and '...did I want to review a few sets of hinges from Lee Valley?' for the magazine.

Fortuitous indeed, because within a couple of days, the lovely postie had dropped a packet of no less than four pairs of hinges on the front door mat, so now I had a pair for the walnut job and a pair to fit into a small  cabinet for the magazine.  As I've never fitted them before, it's going to be good practice...

...so yesterday afternoon was spent preparing some oddments of oak...

...for a little cabinet with a couple of shelves.

Sometimes those Olympian gods do smile on a Bloke...but it doesn't happen very often, more's the pity!

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