25 August 2012

Cabinet Conundrum

I knew that fitting these offset knife hinges was going to be tricky, so I'm rather glad that the opportunity has presented itself to have a little practise...and even better, to get paid for it!

I cobbled together some oddments of oak, edged jointed them and made a small cabinet carcase, complete with a couple of shelves...the housings for them can be seen.  The routed slot for the door catch can also be seen in the bottom rhs.

It appears that the carcase needs to be pulled up exactly to the shoulder lines and dead square, so that the door can be 'shot' in precisely to the opening.  The clearance for the door is then planed which, (according to the instructions,) is equal all round to the thickness of the washer 'twixt the two halves of the hinge.

Once the door has been made and fitted, the cabinet can then be knocked apart and the shallow mortices marked and cut, ready to receive the hinges as it's impossible to do it when it's been glued.

What occurred to me though is that there may be a slight problem of short grain because the construction is conventional through dovetails...and right where the hinge is let into the bottom and top will be a dovetail socket!  It remains to be seen whether or not this will be the case, but I suspect that my small tins of filler will have to be consulted once it's been glued.

The door components have been 'shot' in, so the next job is to prepare the grooves for the fielded panel and then use the Domino to make the joints.  The back will be a simple veneered panel set into a rebate once the shelves are in place

Onwards and upwards...

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