25 April 2011

The RI Box

Another one of my boxes has been finally done n'dusted. Not too many hideous mistakes along the way, just one or two interesting things as previously noted. The first pic shows the box completed in it's entirety.

The original plan was to go very much down the Inghamish route and fit some simple square brass feet that extended 3mm beyond the edge. However, it didn't look quite right and my fears were confirmed when friends from UKWorkshop told me that the feet had to go! So they have done, this morning and have been replaced with small squares of green baize to cover the screw holes.

The next pic shows the handle in place on the front of the box and as promised, that little chip is nowhere in sight.

The third photo in the series shows the box in the open position, with the hinges complete with their brass screws...note that the slots are all in line!

The final pic in the sequence shows the box open, with the lining in Birds Eye Maple, kindly donated to the cause by my good pal Tony Cox from Weymouth. There was just enough to make the four sides and enough in addition for the veneer on the base...

...as well as for an additional short length as I cut the first piece too bloody small.

So you thought my unerring reputation for making monumental cock-ups was had been finally defeated?..think again!


Anonymous said...

A lovely piece, Rob. As you were making it I didn't know what to think but, now that it's finished, I really like it.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Russ said...

Absolutely stunning! I tinker at woodworking but something like this is sadly well beyond my abilities...