16 March 2011


Getting in from work last night, I found a couple of boxes stacked on the dining room table, one from Axminster and the other from Matt at Workshop Heaven. Both contained the chisels I'd ordered at the weekend, in addition to a selection of 3M films, including some 60micron sheets that Matt had stuffed in the box...free and gratis! This coming weekend will no doubt see me preparing these chisels, so the 100 and 60 micron films are going to come in for some sustained use.

However....I'm expecting one more parcel.

I've made several small boxes over the last couple of years, and without a shadow of a doubt, the worst part is the hinging, a process guaranteed to increase both stress and blood pressure levels, both of which I need like a hole in the proverbial. I'd been dreading this part of the job and had resigned myself to using Brusso hinges, which althouth excellent quality, are fiddly and just plain bloody awkward to fit.

In a very timely fashion though, Andrew Crawford has brought out his smartHinge, which by all accounts are dead easy to fit, needing only an 8mm bit fitted into a router table and will be well worth the exorbitant price if they can save my BP rocketing up! With any luck, fingers crossed, there'll be a third parcel on the doormat when I get in tonight.


Amndrew Crawford said...

Hi, Andrew Crawford here!

Have just got back from a couple of days away - and in quick succession picked up your order for a pair of smartHinges, and read your post above!

The hinges will be on their way to you tomorrow so you should receive them on Friday - hopefully in time to fit to your impressive looking RI style box.

Enjoyed reading the blog - sometime I will go the same route! Good luck - I hope you find the process of fitting these hinges to be as stress-free as you hope and BP remains low. Let me know - all feedback has been very positive so far ...

Kind regards, Andrew.

Woodbloke said...

Andrew, many thanks. An article on the box and how it's been made will appear in F&C in due course, with acknowlegements to RI and yourself. If RI has given your hinges the 'nod' that's got to be good enough for most other mortals! - Rob