19 March 2011


Having just obtained some more rather expensive Japanese chisels, I've just spent today making a bespoke rack for them. If the pic is clicked on you'll see that each one has it's own separate little compartment, using some 6mm ply as a divider, though they've yet to be prepared for use.

You'll also note that the rack has been mounted fairly low down, just above the bench well, making it easy to extract the right chisel when it's needed. Previous versions of this type of rack that I've made have been open (with no clear plastic cover.)

So...you reach into the tool well to get something, grab hold and lift...

...and your hand goes straight across the blade of a razor sharp chisel! Believe it or not, I've caused considerable leakage on more than one occasion in just this way.

On a similar note, I'm always astounded when I see pics on t'interweb of chisels and other nasty, sharp tools racked out so that the slightest lapse when reaching for one means that there's a fair to middling chance of impalement...

...and perhaps the worst example of all is when chisels are racked out edge upwards, which I've seen more than once!

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John Walker said...

Hi Rob,

I am still dithering about Japanese Chisels. I have a 'yen' to try them, but I am lost as to the quality I should go for. Too cheap they am gonna be nasty?
Too expensive and they are out t'window!

And finally, is the outlay going to make all that much difference to my work?

I thought maybe I would buy a good set of dovetailing chisels, and use the perfectly sound Marples sets I have for general work.

It's time I made up my mind, because it's time I made a box!

Cheers Rob
All the Best.
John (Benchwayze)