11 November 2010

Tempting fate

At the end of last week I penned the immortal words... 'A bit like going the dentist when you have that slightly irritating niggle in one of your teeth and you just know there's needles, drills and pain waiting for you'... which in hindsight (a wondrous thing) was tempting the old gods just a tad more than is safe.

I now have rampant tooth ache, on a course of antibiotics and am looking forward with the deepest, most joyous anticipation to the first part of a root canal filling on 01 Dec.



The Village Carpenter said...

Agh! My teeth are aching in solidarity. I am the proud owner of a $5,000 tooth which resides in the back of my mouth that no one will ever see. I'm practicing a wider, more toothy smile, so I can get my money's worth.

Anonymous said...

Rob that is a long time to wait , I would go private and dam the expence. newt

Anonymous said...

Rob that seems a long time, I would go private and dam the expence