19 October 2010


The current project in the 'shop is a small shelving unit in oak and oak veneers, with parts of it rounded over (including the shelves) to mirror the Media Unit completed a couple of months ago. The first pic shows a trial joint which is one corner of the framework. The joint is 'bare-faced' and relies on the gluing area for strength, but this is also reinforced with a dowel so it ought to be reasonably strong...not that it's intended to take any great weight.

This shows a wheel gauge being used to mark out the centre of the stile (ready for drilling the 6mm dowel hole) after the 20mm hole has been drilled...

...after which some careful work with the Japanese paring chisels will bring the sides square and parallel.

The small cross-rails are just made fairly simply by marking out and rough shaping to size with a jack plane...

...and then refined with a block plane, after which a curved cork sanding block is used to bring them into an exact profile. All fairly simple stuff with nothing to date that's gone wrong.

However, there's always a little something to upset the applecart!

The ed. at F&C asked me to review a Bosch table saw, so when I got in on Monday evening there were two very large boxes waiting for me to unpack. I dragged them eagerly into the 'shop, lumping and bumping up the steps and started to rip off the tape and delve into the boxes...and who doesn't like delving?...I do!

I hadn't got very far when I spotted a little white sticker on the motor...110v

Sometimes, I'm glad it's not just me...


Anonymous said...

That joint looks very nice, Rob. Should look good next to the media unit.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

The Village Carpenter said...

That's an interesting joint. I've never seen one like it before.

For the table saw.....you could always send it to yours truly. ; )

Dean said...

You have a very interesting work... I am very impressed. I think I am more inspired now to work on my very first project alone without the aide of my very supportive father. Good luck to me. I hope I wont disappoint my father.