31 October 2010


I've just been doing a little bit of veneer sawing on the bandsaw...nothing too strenuous, around 125mm of English oak with a new 3tpi blade. I only needed six leaves and they came off without a problem.

I then took off the new blade, and replaced it with the slightly older one (for more general work) but when I adjusted it I found it to be slightly catching on the insert plate, so without thinking I put my right hand under the table to try to adjust it.

The only slight problem, of no real significance, is that the blade was still running...

...and the leakage makes a nasty red mess all over the floor.

So what's in your first aid box?..there's precious little in mine!


Anonymous said...

Can't have been too bad if you posted that quickly... I find myself leaving the shop more often if I'm inattentive for any reason. It gets embarrassing when I injure myself and need a band-aid.

Yes, I need to refill that first aid kit too often.


Woodbloke said...

Just a small amount of skin and nail taken off my index finger...but it does make you 'draw breath' when you consider the 'what if...' variant. Close call.

Brander said...

This is why I'm moving to all hand tools. Plus my bandsaw never cut right anyway.

You can still hurt yourself with hand tools, you just have to work a little harder.

The Village Carpenter said...

Oh my, I'm glad it was leakage instead of an offcut that resembled a finger. Hope it's all healed soon.

Olly Parry-Jones said...

Very sorry to hear of this, Rob - at the very least though, it could've been much worse! Hope you're not kept out of the workshop for too long.

Was it as the saw was running down, after you'd switched off? Most saws seem to have some kind of 'plate' that sits below the table but in front of the blade's teeth.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this mishap Rob, hope your finger is healing up well.

Simon P