08 August 2010

Dogs dinner

Gluing a job is a fraught affair at the best of times, sometimes it goes well, sometimes only moderately so and sometimes it's a complete disaster.

This one falls into the middle category as it went together squarely...sort of, but involved the use of so many cramps in odd places to pull it together that in no way could it be construed as a 'successful' job. Part of the problem was that the blocks glued onto the corners were softwood and disintegrated under the cramping pressure, leaving dings and dents all across the corners. No doubt my cabinet maker's iron is going to get some heavy usage later on!

This is in fact a 'fun' (hah!) competition entry on the Wood Haven and is intended to be a wall hung cabinet with four small drawers and two back panels. There will be a larger display space conforming to the Golden Rectangle, so it ought to look reasonable when it's finished.

That's if it gets finished, as it's made from a lump of 4x2" pine, which apart from Balsa wood is probably the most unsuitable timber to attempt secret mitre dovetails as it's just soft, mushy and generally completely inadequate for high quality joinery (or my feeble attempt thereof)

I shall persevere...but don't hold your breath.

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