25 August 2010

Convolutedly complex

No posts hereabouts for a week or so, mainly 'cos I've started back at work after a few months off with a medical condition which is now thankfully under control...as long as I keep on taking the tablets I should be good for a few more years making sawdust!

However, things have not been quiet in the 'shop as I used the last few days before starting work to make a small oak box, mainly using the exposed and rounded dovetails that I had a go at a few days ago. I'm due to shortly get hold of another lump of air dried English oak (of which more later) As I had a couple of smallish pieces left over from the last lot and the vendor was selling it to me for a very reasonable price, it would be good if he and his new partner could have something made from it. It's almost done as I just need to finish off the scribed and mitered lining tonight and then start polishing. As always though, fitting the bloody hinges caused a few headaches and was one of the more irritating parts of the job.

I got hold of a couple of books yesterday as SWIMBO unexpectedly let fly with her credit card and bought me the 'Complete Japanese Joinery' If you have some sort of pre-conceived, misbegotten idea that secret mitred dovetails ought to be rated 10/10 in terms of difficulty, then a swift dip into this little tome will very rapidly change your mind...I've never seen such complex and convoluted ways to join two (or three, of four) bits of wood. Boggling of the mind only comes close...

The other book that arrived yesterday was a hard backed edition (complete with DVD) of 'Made by Hand' from the Unplugged Woodshop I only had a quick peek into it last night, but there are one or three ideas in there that possibly hold some promise for an idea regarding the next major project. In any event, it's a decent enough book (apart from the somewhat casual Americanese style of presentation) to go into the woodwork library.

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Simon P said...

On the Amazon link to the 'Convoluted Japanese Joinery' book they appear to have filed it wrongly under woodwork when, surely, it is a puzzle book.

Books frequently bought alongside this one include 'A Bazzilion Ways to Break Your Brain' and 'Zen and the Art of Occupying your Spouse'.