03 July 2009

Doors close...and open!!

What a week!..but to set matters a little straighter, let me explain. As I said earlier, we were delighted that Gareth had got a good honours degree in Maths from an excellent university, but not quite so enthralled with the prospect of seeing him unemployed, along with countless other graduates, for what could have been a very long time. The idea of him kicking around Salisbury for months on end with nothing to do wasn't the most appetising of thoughts and quite frankly one that Alyson and I were not looking forward to, and if truth be told, neither was Gareth.

However, events turned out a little differently, as I'll reveal in due course...

We motored up to Newark-on-Trent to see my brother (and what a crap drive it was too) and as promised, an extremely pleasant, booze induced evening was had by all. Round about 1030ish, in some sort of alcohol fueled haze I decided to check my mobile 'fone, something I rarely ever do as I hate the bloody things with vengeance (but that's another story). There was just one message on it from Gareth, consisting of just one word...
I was so knocked out that it cost my brother the better part of a bottle of malt whisky and a 'fone call to Gareth enquiring after his health, more precisely, if ...'he wasn't pissed by now, why not?' (to which he replied that he was working on it) confirmed that he did indeed have a job with Blackrock investments which had been confirmed only that afternoon, having been interviewed in London the previous day.
That really set the tone for the rest of the break, which as it transpires was very enjoyable.
We continued round to Edinburgh the next day (no time unfortunately for Lindersfarne) and sorted ourselves out with our accommodation at Chancellors Court which was very good. Sunday was spent on the Isle of May, a wildlife sanctuary in the Firth of Forth, with vast numbers of puffins and other bird life. Monday was spent having a look round Edinburgh, in particular the Scotch Whisky Experience which I thoroughly enjoyed and later on that day we had a historical trip to visit the Real Mary King's Close. I didn't realise at the time, but there's a whole subterranean labyrinth of ancient streets (or closes) beneath the Royal Mile that have over the intervening centuries been built over leaving just the lower stories, complete with ghosts and goulies...the description of the occupants living conditions, particularly their hygiene habits are not pleasant, especially at meal times!
Tuesday saw the graduation in the university's very grand hall, which was uplifting, if not a trifle hot on the day...my sympathies went out to the students in the 'cheap seats' whilst those of us in the 'Gods' were at least a little cooler. The evening saw us all go out for a fantastic graduation feast at Gusto's which was one of the most enjoyable meals I've had in a restaurant for a long time.
Wednesday saw me packing up all Gareth's assorted crap into the Landrover ready for the long haul home the following day (which also happened to be the hottest day of the year so far)...good job the Landy had air conditioning!


Anonymous said...

Great news about the job, Gareth - congratulations!

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the time in Edinburgh, and good to hear you got back to salisbury ok. Must go for another meal when my wallet allows it.

Paul - thanks for the best wishes, hope you and family are well.